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Sage Kimzey is the seven time World Champion Bull Rider from Salado, TX. Throughout his career, Kimzey has broken many records that have been forever etched in Professional Rodeo history. As the youngest millionaire in the sport of rodeo and a man that continues to rewrite the record books, Kimzey is on the path to Become Legendary. 


The term, Become Legendary, is a mindset for those who strive for excellence. The process of becoming legendary is about sacrifice, thriving under pressure, rising to the occasion when the spotlights are on you and desiring the work that is put forth while you are on your quest to be a legend. Those who want to become legendary crave perfecting their craft and are never afraid to step up when needed. These individuals realize that the journey to becoming  legendary does not end once a goal is achieved, but rather is a lifelong mindset to be the best version of yourself. A legend is exceptional in the arena, but they also have the fortitude to be a legend when no one is looking. Anyone can be great, but do you have what it takes to be legendary? 



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