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Cowboy Christmas

I feel like I should start by saying, no lost bags this week!

I finally got my stuff back and rode a tough bull in Greeley, CO! We began a long drive to Prescott, where I didn’t ride. I grew up going to Prescott because my dad was a clown there for years. I saw this seat they had built to honor Harry Vold and wanted to share with you guys, in rodeo we honor those who came before us!

I was bound and determined to do better the next night in Cody, so we drove overnight to Cody and we’re able to relax for a day. I spent my days at the golf course with 8X, Donny Gay! A lot of people ask if we are friends and honestly the Gays have become more like family over my career. We always like to meet up for a game if we are at the same rodeo.

Cody Xtreme Bulls didn’t go as planned either, for almost all of us. Thankfully the next night at the rodeo, I was able to ride for 84.5 points.

That night we began the trek to St. Paul to ride in the arena with Christmas trees (perfect for Cowboy Christmas), that was a long drive. I had a few guys jump in to help with it and it made it easier, we were all able to be rested by the time we got there. I rode a bull that had never been ridden for 83.5 points. It was a tough one to get by and I was already sitting 3rd by the end of the night.

The next day we drove to Livingston, MT and guess who was behind the chutes? Dennis Quaid, he was a nice guy and loved the rodeo. It’s always fun to see people become fans of the sport. I was 86.5 in Livingston and at this point the days were starting to run together. We drove all night back to Cody, WY, where we were going to catch an early flight to Belle Fourche and Mandan. Josh and I flew private to the Dakota’s and although I did not cover, it was still great to see the rodeo fans turn out to celebrate America’s independence with one of the most patriotic sports in the world! That night we got back in at 4am CST to Cody and we knew we would have to wake up early to head to Utah.

Josh took over and drove us to Utah and I was able to rest, which is rare on the road. If you have never competed over Cowboy Christmas, the only way to describe it is exhaustion mixed with adrenaline. Your so focused on making it to the next state safely but also taking care of business. You barely have time to fill up, much less sleep. Thankfully, my traveling partner has really helped this Fourth run. I ended my Cowboy Christmas with 81.5 points in Oakley City, Utah.

This week I learned once again that no fans are greater than rodeo fans and you cannot beat a firework show after a rodeo. As a proud as a proud American, it makes you tear up knowing that we have an opportunity to do what we love in the greatest country in the world.

In the upcoming week, I will be once again going all over the United States. Several fans have asked me if I will be returning to Calgary Stampede and this year, I have declined my invitation to compete. I do not want to elaborate but I will say I did what I thought was best for me and my family. I love Calgary Stampede and what they have done for me, it is one of my favorite events of the year. As the reigning Calgary Stampede Bull Riding Champion, I pray for everyone’s safety as they travel North. Catch me at some great American rodeos this week!

Audio book I finished this week was Winning by Tim Grover!

Thanks for joining my journey,

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